How Has Ciara Managed To Stay Relevant Till Now?

Ciara is one of the few lucky 2000s artistes.
I thought of this when I saw a video of her dancing with a heavy baby bump.

She’s lucky in the sense that despite not having the selling power that she used to have, one can’t say she has gone out of style. Nope.

There are so many 2000s r&b artistes you look at and say, ‘mehn, this one is washed up’.
Ashanti, Mario, Omarion, Lloyd…
They seem like they were good for only the time they were popular.

But just like Chris Brown, Ciara is still cool and popular with the younger generation.

There were times her popularity dipped, especially in the 2010s. Things were looking bad for her musically.
She resurfaced again with ‘Body Party’, which was one of the best songs of 2013.
She subbed her ex, rapper Future in 2015 with ‘I Bet’ and it banged.
‘Level Up’ banged in 2019.
Now ‘How We Roll’ with Chris Brown is the theme song on everybody’s social media status.

Even ndi Gen Z that probably didn’t know when Ciara was doing the matrix dance back in 2004 are vibing to ‘How We Roll’ like she’s that girl.
Loving her videos on TikTok and IG.
The song has opened her up to a new audience.

Her relevance has stretched out longer than most of her peers because babe dey manage to get at least one hit for every era.

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