How A Team Integrates ChatGPT And AI Into Their Jobs (AI Whisperers)

Every other Tuesday, we have an All Hands meeting at work. This is a session where the entire company just comes together virtually and we get to hear the latest company news, get trained on any innovation that would make our work easier, get into some ice breakers and team events, and also have group lunch.

Virtual lunch, we just get sent the Uber eats vouchers and then we can order the food for whenever.

It is one hour of taking serious down time during working hours and just networking and getting to connect.

So on Tuesday when I logged in for our All Hands, we had a guest and one of our CSuite was appointed to interview him.

Guess what the topic of discussion was?

ChatGpt and how we can harness AI in every aspect of what we do as a company to make our work easier and life easier for our partners and customers. It was a very interesting session – it took up the entire one hour that we almost forgot to retrieve our lunch vouchers before the end of the session.

My madam is sold on Chat GPT so much that it is now officially a member of our team. We have decided that chat GPT is male and his name is Steig!

How do we use chat GPT? After an intake meeting with hiring managers for instance, we take down all of the requirements and specifications for the individual we are looking to hire; and then we feed all of this into chat GPT with the instruction: write a job description for the position of XYZ with the following responsibilities. The ideal candidate should have the following requirements. Make it at least five paragraphs with headings and make it witty.


Chat GPT does the rest for us and all we have to do is return the copy to the hiring managers to go through and confirm that we captured all of their requirements.

We also use chat GPT to generate Boolean queries (this will interest you Innocent Tino), again we just say to Stieg: write me a Boolean search string for a senior data engineer with data bricks and ETL, they should have experience with serverless and NoSQL and at least 5 years of experience in both start up and established systems.

And Stieg will generate the Boolean search strings for you.

I know that there has been the argument that AI will take our jobs. Right now, we are using AI to make our jobs easier pending when it is ready to take over. This life na turn by turn 🤪.

Yesterday during our team meeting, my madam’s oga remarked that it may be time to hire someone who understands all the different versions of AI, and knows how to utilise it to improve our systems and processes. And that reminded me of an article I read on LinkedIn that struck me, while we were right in the middle of the “chat GPT will steal our jobs” argument.

If chat GPT is stealing your job, you were doing nothing anyway, and that is the main issue.

Back to the article I read, there is a new niche of tech professionals, that go under the moniker of “Prompt Engineers” or “AI Whisperers”.

Simply put, these are people who understand that ChatGPT and other AIs are only as efficient as the questions the individuals ask them, and they can be manipulated to produce the best results at all times.

So they have carved out that niche, they are getting better at it and they are selling that skill as a useful resource to companies who have already embraced AI and are making the best use of it to simplify their processes.

So, where do you stand in all of this? “AI has come to steal our jobs” or you want to be a sharp guy and get on the Prompt Engineering train before it gets full and pulls out of the station?

The choice is yours.

As for me and my team mates, we have an official place for Steig in team meetings, quote it copiously, use it well and will soon be looking to hire a Prompt Engineer or AI whisperer to help us harness its finest points.

Will that be you?

Depends on whether you quit whining ASAP and start getting dressed so you can catch that train before it leaves the station!

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