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Happy World Meal Gate-Empowerment Through Food Security

Published by happy world meal gate-Empowerment food Security with a great gift to the world.
Sometime in March 2017, Madam Euchariaa restaurant owner was approached by one of her regular customers to sign up for Happy World Meal Gate. She simply frowned and brushed it aside saying ‘’I suppose it’s one of those schemes that take undue advantage of gullible Nigerians’’. After several promptings, she finally caved in and registered not out of conviction; but to simply ‘’test and see’’ like her customer advised her to.
Happy world meal day
Happy World Meal Gate is a passionate and dynamic network marketing company of African extraction with the novel solution to the clear and present danger of hunger and rising food insecurity. We are on a mission to bring smiles to peoples faces through the provision of basic needs (food items) and financial empowerment. Our peculiar niche and unique selling proposition is our sustainable food/reward system.
Happy world meal day
these men and women have come together to forge a formidable alliance against Africa’s numerous scourge: hunger and malnutrition!The conveners comprise of noble, distinguished, credible and tested men and women of impeccable character not only in Nigeria but Sub-Saharan Africa
Happy world meal day
Each stage comes with a bouquet of benefits such as free food items, cash and a combination of the two. The later stages harbour the grand prizes of brand new cars and all-expense paid return tickets to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Israel.
What are the verifiable benefits? From the nook and cranny of Nigeria, we have empowered and keep empowering hundreds of thousands of people. The testimonies are as fresh as the break of dawn. Individuals and indigent families, who hitherto struggled to feed themselves, now do so effortlessly, conveniently and have gone ahead to begin their own business! Recently, during our first-year anniversary celebration; we gave out several brand new cars and all-expense paid return tickets to Dubai, Israel and Saudi Arabia to deserving Stage 4 members.
Happy world meal day
We currently have branch offices in FCT Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Makurdi and Kaduna. In no time, other states will witness our presence in grand style. Not done with resting on our oars, Happy World Meal Gate is replicating this bespoke formula in Ghana, Cameroun, Cote d’ Ivoire, Togo, Uganda and the Benin Republic. A visit to www.happyworldmealgate.organd our social media handles on Facebook(happyworldmealgate), Twitter(@happyworldmeal), Instagram(@happyworldmealgate_official) and YouTube(Happy World Meal Gate Official) lends credence to these facts.
Happy world meal day
Happy world meal day

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