Hakimi: Man Returns To Nigeria Only To Discover His Mother Squandered The Money He Had Been Sending From Abroad

A Nigerian man has revealed how his friend lost everything he worked so hard to acquire while working in abroad because of his mother Excessive spending.

He said the man traveled to abroad from Owerri for a greener pasture while also sending money home.

Unknown to him, his mother was squandering every Money he sends and as a result nothing remained from the huge amounts of money he had planned to set up himself when he finally return to Nigeria as she has wasted all.

The man who shared the story did it in other to contrast it with Hakimi’s story who registered all his Wealth with his mother’s name.

According to the Twitter user identified as Napaul, his friend is a proof that such circumstances do not always work for everyone.

In his words:

“I Know a guy at Owerri that hustled abroad and kept sending money to his mom to keep for him, lol blud came back and he had nothing.

This life no get script, what worked for Hakimi may not work for you. Just pray for wisdom in Every circumstances you find yourself in”.


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