Guys That Give Everything Up For You Are Not Weak


Stop seeing guys that gives up everything to be with you as a weak guys.

I woke up to a breakup call from this guy that happened to be a boyfriend to my friend and it was a painful one.

I know some of you will still come under this post to defend the lady or think the guy has done something to deserve it but I’m gonna tell you something, it’s either you take it or argue about it.

Just in your private time, think about it.

Men are human and we want to be happy too, and blames shouldn’t be placed on us everytime. We didn’t chose to be a man when coming to the world it just happened.

And it’s unfair to judge all men based on your experience with others which you might be a major contributor to the backside but this is not the main reason for this post.

They had been dating for almost a year now and my friend which is the lady told me she likes the guy because he is nice and so on. I was happy for her.

I met the guy once and she introduced me to him and her friend, we exchanged contact and chat once in a while. He is a very cool and gentle guy. He speaks softly and it was obvious that he really loves my friend because of how they related.

We had not spoken for a while, I saw the guy’s call as early as 5:30am this morning and I was scared, I wondered what could have happened, i picked it and the guy was crying and talking.

I jumped out of my bed thinking something bad had happened to my friend. He couldn’t say a complete word without crying. I told him to calm down and tell me what happened.

He said my friend broke up with him last night and he didnt know what he did to her, she didn’t tell him anything. Then I got confused. She just told him that she can’t continue with the relationship due to a reason best known to her.

He told me to help talk to her. I told him I would call him back so I dropped the call.

I dialed her number but she wasn’t picking so I dropped a message for her to call me as soon as she gets the message. Few minutes later, she sent me a message to call her.

When I called her, what she was saying was disgusting to my hearing that I yelled at her over the phone. I was dead angry.

Like seriously?

She said the guy is too soft for her liking, he apologises at little things and also makes her feel she is always right.

Even if she offends him, he would still apologise and he avoids all forms of fight. She said she is scared maybe he was a pretender or postponing his beast mode till they get married. She wanted a tough guy that could scold her, someone that she will be scared of offending and blah blah blah…

No basic reason I could hold on to.

So I asked…

“Are you saying you didn’t break up with him because he cheats, flirts, smoke, drinks, didn’t have money, abuse you, bully you, didn’t love him?

You are breaking up with a guy because he simply brings peace into your life and also wanted peace for himself.

I was bemused.

Even if you don’t want that, can’t you find your way around peace too?

Must all men be a beast?

Or do you women low-key want a man to be crazy and be beasts you will always be scared of?

She couldn’t say a word as I poured out on her. I got angry and dropped the call.

I called the guy back and told him to stop crying, I told him that if he talks to her and she insisted, he should be a man and move on. He shouldn’t let someone turn him into a beast he didnt want to be.

I was that blunt.

He deserves the best.

Anyone that want to be with a beast should go for a beast and stop turning innocent lovely men into beasts.

I am still very much angry. She want to ruin my day but I won’t allow that to happen.

I won’t!

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