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Groovy And Phyna’s Beautiful Relationship

➡️Phyna pleads with Groovy to forgive her for upsetting him. She gives him the puppy eye look, tries to cuddle him and cajole him to let go of his annoyance and get along with her.

➡️Viewers conclusion: He doesn’t like her. Why can’t she smell the coffee. Stop forcing this ship. Stop forcing yourself on him. Stop this stop that stop ghkllhghklljgghjklkgg.

➡️Groovy pleads with Phyna to forgive him. He apologises for upsetting her. He grabs her on the waist, pleading – She pushes him away. He wrestles her to the wall and locks her in, still pleading. She wiggles out of his lock. He tries to kiss her midsentence to stop her from snapping, and she turns her lips away refusing to kiss him. He pleads some more. She asked him to fuqin leave her alone. He says I will not fuqin leave you. He begs some more again and again.. He breaks down, crying still begging..

➡️Viewers Conclusion: Look at him. He is a player. He is just a calm guy; he doesn’t love her, he knows how to get her, and he is just playing the game. It is a camouflage; he doesn’t even like her. He is doing all this because of food. He can not afford to leave her now; it’s the end of the game.

➡️Me: 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

➡️The same actions – Different conclusions..

➡️That is how you spot an Agenda Agendating..

➡️Who told you Phyna has not used Groovy to play her game in this same house.

➡️Sometimes, I look at Phyna and wonder that if she hadn’t had a man like Groovy by her side in this house – She for don self sabotage / self destruct.

➡️Someone asked on my thread yesterday, I think it was Olu Bekee, that in terms of friendships who is Phyna’s friend in that house?

➡️She was coming from the perspective of females and we both arrived at the conclusion that Phyna does nor have friends in this BBN house.

➡️She vibes with everyone and she has formed alliances from time to time. But friends? No. There really is no one she can trust amongst the women she is close to.

➡️The whole 3 edo witches’ narrative was built on vibes, content, and alliances. Not friendship.

➡️What we know for certain is that Phyna has no permanent enemies as she has serious difficulties keeping grudges.

➡️People who react like Phyna – (ie address issues as they arise on the spot as e dey hot) do not know how to keep grudges..

➡️I know that because I am like that, I don’t waste no time. I do not. As it is fresh, I dey enter you..

➡️It could be a good trait, and it could also be a bad trait, but the point is, we do not keep grudges for the most part

➡️However, when you show us who you are, we will believe you and relate with you with that knowledge going forward..

➡️A Phyna, without a go-to person in the big brother house, will self-destruct.

➡️And when she feels lonely, she will drink, and when she drinks, she loses control.

➡️Groovy has held this babe down. Everything is not love. Some people are a resource for the relevant time, and you hold on to them for that.

➡️Those who have been using love to pepper our ears in this big brother house almost pushed their partner (i.e., Bella) to a mental breakdown. They were so bad for each other; they both motivated themselves to collecting strikes..

➡️They have suffered so many warnings and humiliations from big brother for not performing their tasks because of their relationship in this house.

➡️Outside the house, there are thought pieces of the toxicity of their relationship, to the extent that Ebuka had to call it out..

➡️ And yet – “I love you,”no dey finish for their mouths.

➡️But this is not the case with the Groophy relationship..

➡️It may have started out much heavy on Phyna’s side and less heavy on Groovy’s side, but we have watched it metamorphose to a healthy balance.

➡️Groovy cares for Phyna..

➡️He looks out for her..

➡️When she is drunk and acting hectic, regardless of how many times he’s advised her not to drink, Groovy picks up after her and cares for her.

➡️He helps her out of her clothes, ensures she gets a shower, cooks for her, serves her in bed, and ensures she goes to sleep.

➡️When they fight, he makes as much effort to ensure reconciliation, as she does.

➡️Half the time, same as last night, Phyna’s style is to stonewall Groovy in conversations, but Groovy remains persistent.

➡️He respects her. He doesn’t use disrespectful or hurtful words on her. He doesn’t speak ill of her at her back.

➡️With all the overhyped Chomzy nonsense, when Groovy was moved to Level 1, everyone that has spoken about the Groovy – Chomzy dynamics in level 1, from Sheggz – Bella – Chichi – Eloswag etc have said again and again.. that Groovy came into the house and made it known to everyone that he was with Phyna.

➡️Phyna cooked, and he took up the food to Level 1 and told everyone that it was made by his girl and he shared the meal with his friends.

➡️Even Doyin attacked him verbally because the very first night he arrived and they had a talk about Beauty, Groovy told her that he was now with Phyna.

➡️Since the houses have been merged, he has kept his distance from Chomzy and every other girl out of sheer respect for Phyna.

➡️The narrative – Groovy is just a player – is a dead narrative. For a supposed player, Groovy has been playing nothing.. His player is not playing, please…

➡️Groovy listens to Phyna; he respects her opinions and her position on issues….

➡️He respects her autonomy to do her as long as her choice to do her isn’t potentially hurtful/harmful to her or her game.

➡️As quiet, calm, and trouble-free as Groovy can be, he has backed and defended Phyna in every fight she has engaged in, and yet, he still manages to be objective in disagreements.

➡️Because of his personality, you would even expect him to back her silently, but Noooo.. Groovy backs her vocally.

➡️He even fought his roommate – Sheggz, for the sake of Phyna.

➡️He holds this babe down, and Phyna is crasy, so holding her down is a lot of work, and still, Groovy persists. He doesn’t give up on her..

➡️He has got her back. He roots for her wins.

➡️He is affectionate with her.

➡️He is kind and thoughtful towards her.

➡️Phyna cooks majority of their meals, and Groovy is right there with her in the kitchen, standing and gisting with her until the meal is served.

➡️When they are done eating , Groovy clears the plates and washes their dishes…

➡️What else could a person ask for in a fish bowl like the Big Brother house?

➡️Some of you be asking silly questions – Why won’t he say he loves her?

➡️What is this obsession with love bayiiii…and why should he say he loves her if he doesn’t love her? Why should he lie to her..

➡️What is “love” in this unusual environment called the Big Brother House? How does a person know that what they are feeling is actually love or just a rush of unexplainable emotions triggered by the conditioning of the Big Brother space?

➡️What does Phyna need love for in this house right now? What she needs is what Groovy has brought to the table back to back, every day for weeks.

➡️Contrary to many opinions of this boy – Groovy is an amazing partner and contrary to opinions of this relationship – this is a healthy relationship for and within the confines of the Big Brother house…

➡️Outside the house, I will not bank on this relationship because these 2 are way too different to sail a ship, and that difference is going to be super loud outside the house…

➡️If they work, it will be a miracle…

➡️Phyna will go back to her life, to her job as a hype priestess, she will drink a lot and hang out at clubs a lot.. Groovy will not be able to keep up with Unusual Phyna in real-life mode.

➡️Groovy says he is a loner. He runs his businesses and goes home after a long day. He doesn’t talk a lot and likes quiet spaces where he can be by himself.

➡️Groovy will revert to his life, and Phyna’s presence will be a disruption of his normal.

➡️Phyna will find him quite boring and tiring

➡️They would start to see each other differently, and their faults and incompatibilities would become more pronounced..

➡️They would not have the constriction of the big brother house to force them into each other’s faces and spaces to settle their disagreements.

➡️This relationship will not out live the big brother house in my evaluation.. But for the big brother house, Groophy has served both parties richly..

➡️After all said and done, I still know that those of you with an agenda to demarket Groophy by pushing a narrative of a desperate and beggarly Phyna and an unbothered/uncaring playboy Groovy, will continue to agendate.

➡️I respect your hustle. Carry on 👍

Written by Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan
September 2022

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