Grey Areas Of Being Influential On Social Media


Sis! I know you will become an influencer pretty soon, oh yes, I know so.

I see you, I see your efforts, I see all the wonderful content you create for the world to see.

Each time I see your content, they grab my attention, your content is so CONTAGIOUS. I like it!

I know you can’t wait to start enjoying what you THINK I and my colleagues are enjoying. You see all the good things that come our way and you can’t just wait.

For some of us (influencers), we get paid to show up physically at premium business events.

A few of us, especially the A list of us, get paid what they call “appearance fee” to show up in certain places.

The life of an influencer is so sweet. Anything you market will sell, anything you touch automatically turns to gold.


Oh what a life!!!!

If I decide to market burger & smoothie now, it will sell. As you already know, I’m selling Aku on my page. It’s selling!!!

Do you know why?


If people like us attend any event, we are always the centre of attraction in the event.


We are INFLUENCERS, yes that’s the truth, people want to associate with our brand using the law of association.


In all of these shiny and glowing things you see.

There are grey areas that aren’t talked about on social media.

There are things we go through that you might never know until we tell you.

What are they?


1. You Will Attract Lots of Haters:

Just be ready for it, they will come, and nothing will stop them from coming. As you plan and map your way to becoming Influential, also prepare for the HATERS.

2. Be Ready To Be Negatively Criticised:

You would think because you’re too good, helping people on social for free. Don’t worry, get ready for the heavy negative critics because as you rise they will rise with you.

3. Be Guarded Against Fake People:

People that claim they love you and call themselves your friends. Get ready! They will come!!!
They will sing your praises to your face, but backstab you without empathy.

4. Be Ready To Always Be Misunderstood & Tamed Controversial:

This one will be the first set of gba gbos you will get. It will come in promax levels. Get ready!!! It will come.

5. You Will Be Overwhelmed & Be Emotional Down Most Times:

When you see people you love and you’re trying to help turn their back at you, it will get to you, trust me it will. Start preparing for this.

6. People Will Have Unrealistic Expectations Towards Your Brand:

You’re not the messiah of the world, but people will expect you to be, don’t feel bad, just do what you can do and MOVE ON.

I have so much to say about this, but let me stop here.

As much as you love being Influential, also prepare for these grey areas.

I can’t wait to see you Dominate, Influence, and Win on this space.


Sis! Influencer marketing is sweet, I’m telling you. Imagine holding your phone and profitable DMs are pouring in like water.

It’s just too effective!!!

Imagine not having any back and forth with Meta people, you just sit back and be receiving and delivering orders.

Chai, what a world!!! Business is yummy with INFLUENCER MARKETING.


You will get your fingers burnt if you don’t work with the RIGHT influencer.

You will lose your money, if you don’t know the rudiments of influencer marketing and how it works.

That Influencer that’s churning out massive results for brands might not work for you.

The influencer that’s helping people pack millions on social media might not be the best fit for you.

The influencer that gave Folake a daily credit alert of 1.1M for one week, might not work for you that just wants 100 sales.

So what’s the SECRET?

Here are a few things to do before working with any INFLUENCER.

🍅 Your Target Audience:

Before you pay that Influencer fee;

° Check if they have your target market as their audience.

° Check if their brand or personality can truly sell or achieve what you desire.

° Check if their existing content aligns with your brand message.

° Check what they’ve been talking about, and what the audience have been engaging the most on.

° Check if what you want to sell through them is what their audience would love.

🍅 Ensure The Influencer Fits The Context Of Your Brand:

Find influencers that’s in your niche. You can’t be selling food and be using a fashion influencer to sell your products. It’s a waste of your money.

You can’t be selling a sophisticated service and be lurking around food bloggers. They might give me results who’s a Foodprenuer, but you will struggle because you’re not in that NICHE.

Find Influencers that fit the context of what you’re selling if you want to get amazing results.

🍅 Go For Reach Not Numbers:

You can pay an influencer with 500k followers and not get any results, you can pay an influencer with just less than 10k followers and you have credit alerts that would blow your mind.

The result is not in who has the most numbers, but it’s in who can inspire people to take the right action.

Pay attention to their engagement rate, check how people respond to their post. This would inform the best decisions to take.

🍅 Check Actionability:

Not all influencers have the force and power to drive their audience to take an action.

Before you pay that Influencer, ensure you check his or her ability to drive action.

🍅 Allow Them Create The Content For You:

Always allow them to create the content themselves.

They know what works on their page. They know what content the audience loves the most.

This content issue might even be the reason your ad didn’t convert.

I can’t wait to see you Dominate your Sales and Influence on this space.

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