Gaokao – Chinese Tough College Entrance Examination

Gaokao— The toughest and most difficult exam in the world.

Gaokao is a National College Entrance Examination (NCEE). It is a standardized exam that is always being held annually in Mainland China.

The Gaokao is a college admission exam that is famed for being one of the top 3 most difficult exams in the world.

Due to the difficulty of the exam, some European and American colleges have begun to accept Gaokao marks. Meaning, if you passed this exam, you can automatically gain entrance into some colleges in Europe incase you relocate.

This is what you need to know about Gaokao:—

Gaokao takes two days and ten hours to complete.

This exam is the only basis for admission to Chinese institutions.

The total score is 750 with cut off at 600.

You mustn’t score less than 96 in both Maths and English.

There are CCTV cameras watching every part of the exam hall both inside and outside the vicinity.

When going in for this exams, you go with nothing. No calculator, or pen or pencil. Writing tools will be provided.

This exam is so difficult that it causes significant psychological distress to kids, parents, and teachers.

Suícíde, sadness, and mental breakdowns have been observed to increase around the Gaokao era.

Oluwanishola Akeju

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