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Finally Binge Watched Real Housewives Of Lagos Season 2 And Faith Morey Is Reality TV Gold

I have finally binge watched #Rholagos (Real Housewives Of Lagos) season 2 and wow.

Faith Morey is reality TV gold! Bless whoever brought her in as a cast member.

Faith Morey

I find the second new cast member boring. It feels like she does not have an opinion of her own and would have fit better with Samantha at RHOAbuja (Real Housewives Of Abuja).

Mariam probably wanted to give us a show this season only for her to end up disgracing herself.
I had second hand embarrassment for her at the recent episode.
And this is me thinking her max peak fooling was when she returned Carolyn scarf to her during last season reunion

During last season Iyabo gave me SS3 senior girl bullying vibes and it was sad confirming it fully this season.
What’s with the constant criticism about someone’s appearance?
Why did she deliberately step on Faith’s dress? And multiple times at that? Faith is a better person than I because I would have stood up abruptly causing her to trip!

If respect is such a big deal to her then she should respect herself so it can be accorded to her. Simple.

The gang up against Faith because of Laura stunk of hypocrisy because it’s not like either of them like Laura so what was the fake advocacy for?
I can bet they were expecting the viewers to dislike Faith.
My brief moment of dislike only worked in episode one with her constant ‘I am a 6 foot amazon queen’ but hell yes, she is whoever she thinks she is. 🥂

It was good to see Toyin again. I like her last season and I like her more this season even though she has her occasional skoiskoi.

It’s good to see Chioma and Laura get along. I can’t say the same for her and Iyabo as there’s this weird dynamics in their friendship.

Anyways shoutout to all the housewives for giving us a show -the drama, fashion and unapologetic luxury.
A second season was much needed to forgot that Asaba Nollywood they packaged for us as RHOAbuja.

Ps: Is that doctor a housewife too because I am not understanding why he gets that amount of screen time.

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