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Fan Advises Big Bella On How To Maximise Her BBNaija Fame

Dear Bella…

Look at you! You look so beautiful ❤️

I am so proud to see you getting along with others, and building friendships.

Seeing you strutting hand-in-hand with Phyna was such a joy.

I always believed you were a good person – whatever that means.

You have turned out even better than imagined.

You are not here, in this position in your life, to satisfy thirsty drama/vawulence addicts.

You are not content. You are simply finding your happiness.

Do NOT be their “content”.

I am glad Sheggz is not the centre of your moment. The sill.y questions about him will vanish soon, and you can decide to have a private relationship with him or be done with him completely.

Either way, I understand.

Now to your brand…

Launch out ASAP!

Get busy quickly.

I’m not sure what your talents are. You mentioned fashion designing. It’s a pretty tough industry, but who says it cannot be done? Nothing is easy, so I wish you the best with that one.

▪️Dive into INFLUENCING asap!
Playbook: Dorathy.
Build creative top notch videos people can enjoy. Be aspirational. Videos that will draw more brands to you.
Take your influencing seriously. Treat every brand with respect.

▪️Sell something. Sell! Sell!! Sell!!!
Playbook: Tacha.
Heck, sell the curly tong you used for this gorgeous hair. Sell pretty little things – household/lifestyle necessities.
Create a page and build a lifestyle store.

▪️Collaborate with a Travel company.
Playbook: Kim Oprah
Dive into the world of travel blogging. It is one of the best ways to benefit from this new found fame.
Do it well. Don’t choose vanity over content. Build exciting content. Make it fun. Make it a business.

▪️Back to fashion: Collaborate with an existing fashion brand.
Playbook: Osas Ighodaro
Work with a designer who already understands the rigours and rewards of the business, get some of your style ideas out there. Launch some pieces. Do a mini party with your fanbase: “Wine-and-Buy Bella”.

▪️Build a small, active, highly creative team.
Be unforgettable. Sit at the table long after the lights go off. Do not fade. Do not vanish.
You can do anything with the fame you got from #BBNaija. If you are smart, it can be worth a billion dollars.
Be smart, Bella.

On life lessons:

▪️People will disappoint you. You will disappoint yourself. MOVE ON!
Review it. Give it a minute. Get it out of your system. Get over it and move on quickly.

▪️Do not explain yourself constantly. It will drain you. You will lose your power.
Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

▪️Focus. Focus on the right energy. Focus on how you feel. Focus on the spaces and people that allow you to thrive.
Struggle love is t.r.a.s.h.
Do not struggle to be accepted. Move away from stuff like that. You are constantly growing. You are enough.

▪️Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.
You are already a very grateful soul.
The universe loves to reward gratitude.

That’s all I have for you for now.

All the best, Bella ❤️

Stay absolutely beautiful!

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