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Expect Traffic To Be Hectic Today As Tinubu Visits Lagos State

If you are planning to drive out today, especially within Lago mainland, please abort the mission if you can, especially if what you are driving out for is not so important.

Just stay back and sleep, watch Netflix, or get busy with your partner.

Just do something with your time that will keep you busy indoors.

Our Lagos landlord, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is coming to town today, and his supporters are coming out in their thousands to receive their lord and master.

They will receive him at the airport in Ikeja and then accompany him with Skelewu dance and Wizkid’s Buga song to Telisim Balogun stadium, where a reception is scheduled for him by the Lagos state government.

You know, Asiwaju just won a lottery, so it is important that the state where he is the defacto lord of the manor shuts down today to celebrate this milestone and the historic lottery that our landlord won.

The whole Lagos will experience super jammed traffic today, so don’t be unfortunate to come out unless what you are coming out to do is a matter of life and death, but if you are coming out as a Lagos married man to see your side chick who lives in the other part of the town, abort the mission.

Staying in traffic for more than 6 hours because of a penis and vagina meet and greet scheduled appointment with your side chick is not worth it eziokwu. You can focus on your beautiful wife today.

This is an important traffic advisory warning.

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