Erisco Foods Arrests Lady For Saying Their Tomato Tastes Sugary

So this lady posted her observation about this Nigerian made tomato paste and she was summoned by the police, the company filed a petition against her.

I didn’t know this is a case for the police, police now get involved in nob threatening product reviews?

They didn’t actually dispute her comment or observations with evidence or documentation. What’s the regular approved safe sugar consumption for humans and what’s the sugar content of their product? She simply stated her own personal observations, nothing in her post barred or adviced people not to use the product.

Her comment must have triggered them and probably an observation that they have been told and ignored. They missed an opportunity to educate people about their products and its safety.

They should have contacted her to test the particular product she has, make sure that it’s not a fake or expired product or that the particular product wasn’t a bad/contaminated batch. Their quality assurance and PR failed miserable.

The lady said the tomatoes taste sugary. The company said it’s not good for human consumption. Is there something they are trying to tell us?

In a bid to accuse the last in order to punish her, they ended up running themselves down.

Na una talk say e no good for human consumption.

They should ensure they release that woman.

I have never seen an unprofessional brand than this Erisco. Someone bought their tomato and said it tastes sugary, they wrote this, then used police to intimidate her.

The brand is just destroying itself. They don’t even know what they are doing to themselves.

People will avoid it.

You want to run business but not ready for review. How?

Arresting the woman with police will destroy your brand. If you don’t want review, don’t produce anything.

This is why I only stick to brands I know and trust. I don’t like trying new products/brands.

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