Elon Musk’s Twitter Lays Off Workers

The shit that has happened in the last few days in this industry has made me so angry.

I’m going to repeat this, follow the MONEY ALWAYS.

Ask for the maximum amount for your role. Don’t shortchange yourself in this industry. Because these companies do NOT CARE!!!

I am so heartbroken at the sheer number of brilliant engineers, data scientists and product managers who lost their jobs at twitter today. Some of them are close friends who recently got promoted!

How do you sacrifice your life working 60/70 hours a week for two years to get promoted only to get laid off less than 3 months later! What was the point of all that hard work?

What was the point of giving up your life for more than one year? Ignoring family and friends so you could ‘build your career’.

I don’t stutter when I say I hate this industry. I said it yesterday on my story that there’s no man born of a woman who will make me feel less than I am in this industry. I have paid my dues, still paying my dues and will continue to pay it. But you will absolutely not talk to me like trash or treat me less than I deserve. You will not be rude to me and you will absofuckinlutely not bully me.

Everywhere I go, I will ask for what I deserve. I will ask for the maximum amount they can bleed for my role. I will not take a dollar less.

Because when it’s time to cast you out like dirt and treat you like crap, big tech knows how to do it!!!!

They will lay you off in the middle of a recession in Q4 when the holidays are knocking and no one is hiring.

Save your money guys! Q1-23 is gonna be bloody. So many talents in the market right now with zero opportunities available. Cut out any unnecessary trips, vacations or spends. The economy outlook isn’t looking good.

To everyone who was laid off, May the universe shine it’s bright light on you.

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