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Easy Ways To Loose Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are good time to let loose and eat to your heart content. Personally, I’m a big fan of enjoying myself during holidays because I can’t imagine people eating delicious and having good time and I’m just on diet.

The holiday season is over now which means you have to get back on track by adhering to the following tips;

1. Drop the bad eating habits you picked up over the holiday

The number one step for shedding those holiday weight gain is to take a reverse turn on the unhealthy habits you formed over the holiday season.

2. Go on a diet

It could be intermittent fasting or watching what you eat but you need to curtail your eating habits as quickly as possible.

3. Mind What You drink

Take a break from drinking soda and alcoholic beverages and drink detox juice and alot of water.

4 Starts exercising

If you were sitting in a place all day eating or jumping from one club or party to another during the holidays, then take a U turn and get back to the gym or start exercising. Take long walk, skip, dance yoga etc.

5. Portion control and watch your calorie intake

Stock up on fruits, fibre and vegetables and stay away from carbohydrates or meals with high calories. If you must eat carbohydrates, use a small plate and practice portion control.




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