Big Brother Titans 2023

Doyin The Therapist Is Quite Honest

Doyin has been speaking all morning and entertaining the hell outta me..🤣🤣🤣

And she is honestly who she thinks she is.

Doyin is the most misunderstood human in BBs house.

Her challenges are 3:

1) Doyin is way too upfront. She is a premium straight shooter. Doyin no get agenda. No guile

But people are simply not straight, they do not know a lot of straight people and they do not expect others to be straight.

So when they meet a person as candid as Doyin, it is uncomfortable for them and it appears to them that there is a hidden intention, there is a tactic, there is a hidden agenda, so they begin to relate with her suspiciously..

But with Doyin, what you see is what you get. That thing she will say behind you, is the same thing she will say in front of you.

2) Secondly, she feels the need to be understood & to understand others so much. So she explains and explains and explains and questions and it makes people either weary or drained. People like Doyin will always be misunderstood in a crowd. That is a given. She needs to accept and expect it. They will be accused of too much shalaye, talking too much, tagged therapist bla bla.. They will often be disliked.

3) Doyin treats everyone like they are just as upfront as she is. Now this is her biggest mistake. People have agendas. People are sly. People are pretentious.

But Doyin relates with people like everyone is honest and will appreciate honesty..

You see people like Doyin, If they greet you Good Morning, you don’t need to go look outside to see if the sun is out. But many people are not that way.

Doyin will say something about you and tell you that she said A, B, C about you. She doesn’t know how to twist tales. But you see that honesty, many people can’t handle it.

Doyin told Ceece that during her season she wrote ….. about her on twitter. She told her that she didn’t like her during her season at all. But now that she has met her she feels differently..

Doyin told Cross that she told Ilebaye that he was asking her out, and that a guy like that will disrespect her. So if she were her, she will not hang with him no more..

She is looking at Cross and she is telling him, I casted you..🤣🤣

Doyin doesn’t understand that some people will not appreciate her honesty. They will seek to harm her because of her honesty.

She also doesnt understand that some people do not want to hear the truth. They just want to cruise on their feelings and get hurt in the process. ie Ilebaye!!

Some people are basic and do not have the maturity to handle Ilebaye.

Ilebaye doesn’t want to handle the truth that whatever cruise she thinks she has with Cross will end in tears.

Ilebaye is a misguided young woman who still nurses the immature thought that if her man has eyes for her friend, then the pangs of jealousy & possessiveness must take over. Lose the friend and hold your man.

She is young.. She is guided by her feelings. Her emotions are superior to her brain/logical reasoning.

But Doyin is upholding Ilebaye and relating with her like Ilebaye is on the same wave length as she is. And doing for Ilebaye what she would expect that Ilebaye does for her if she when in her shoes.

ie If a man Im liking is stepping to my friend, my friend should tell me so I can stop investing time and emotions in a man who isn’t loyal to me.

But many women, e.g Ilebaye, will make an enemy of their friend in this situation.

Also Doyin is great at communication, communicating her feelings, her thoughts etc. but little does she know that communication is the 1 skill many people are not great at.

Many people want to talk at you, not to you..

Many people want to be heard but never want to listen..

Many people zone out the moment you are talking and you are not saying what they want to hear..

Doyin David is a beautiful woman inside and out.

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