Don’t Hope To Use Another’s Failure As Your Success Point

I was at the market yesterday and decided to buy banana.
The boy I called to buy from had just two left.

He was with another boy who had like five left. We concluded on price and I asked him to put it in a waterproof for me.

He told me his own just finished but let him collect from his friend.

He turned to his friend to give him nylon but his friend refused.
He even promised to give him two back once he buys.

He said he’s going to buy once I leave that he wants to settle me.
His friend refused.

He reminded him that he used to help him when he’s in such situations and his friend told

him that he’s never forced him.
I watched these boys go back and forth.

The small boy pleaded with me to please wait so he could run and get a nylon bag for me.

As he wanted to go, I told him not to worry that I’ll take the banana like that.

His ‘friend’ who refused to give him nylon turned to another boy standing close to him and said “I thought she would refuse to buy from him if he didn’t have a nylon so that she can buy from me.”

I turned to the boy I bought banana from who had only one left and told him to bring the second one as well.

I carried the two without nylon and put inside the car.
See eeh,

The success of a friend will not and cannot stop your own success.

A small boy who’s supposedly a friend refused vehemently to help his friend out in a time he needed him most because he felt his friends failure would bring about his own success.

There’s a way you’ll get jealous of someone and you’ll push them into more good luck.

The success of the person next to you might be all you need to blow.

Little help here and there go a long way in registering you in the hearts of people for good.

I saw the look on the boy’s face when his friend walked away with empty tray.

If not that his mom might not understand, what’s tray that I can’t buy from him?

I wanted to buy off everything and pepper the other small boy.

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