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DIY Recipe: How To Make Petroleum Jelly

We need petroleum jelly especially in this season where harmattan wear some people natural stockings and breakage of lips.


*Jelly 1/4 kg

*Wax(small quantity)

*Glycerin 12.5cl or 15cl

*Vitamin E 1tablespoon

*Perfume 1rub bottle


*Add the Glycerin and jelly in your pot and dissolve them in low heat.

*Add the wax and make sure it’s completely dissolved on heat (maintain low heat).

*Put off the heat.

*Add vitamin E and perfume and turn it very well.

*Transfer it into a container. Whether you leave it open or you cover it. As it’s cooling,it will come together like the exact petroleum jelly you normally buy in the market.

N/B: The bigger the wax, the more thicker the petroleum jelly.


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