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Diy: How To Make Milk Bread


*2 eggs(1 for egg wash)

*3 spoon of condensed milk

*1 tablespoon of instant yeast

*¹/⁴ cup of milk

*¹/² tablespoon of salt

*2 cups of flour

*2 tablespoon of butter


*In a mixing bowl, combine the egg, milk, yeast and whisk. Add the normal liquid milk and whisk properly.

*Add the sifted flour, salt and mix using your spatula until it’s smooth. Add the butter and mix well.

*Transfer it into a floured surface and kneed using your hands. Form a round dough, grease a bowl and transfer the dough into it. Cover and allow it to double in size.

*Once the dough has doubled in size, pouch the dough to release some air and cut them into small balls.

*Roll the ball dough into flat dough and fold them. Repeat this process until you have exhausted all dough.

*Place a parchment on the baking tray, and transfer the roll dough into it. Allow it to rise for 40mins. Brush some egg wash on the dough after it has doubled.

*Bake in an oven of 175 degree Celsius for 30mins. You can brush some butter ontop of it to give it a shiny look.

N/B: sugar was not used on this recipe because the condensed milk already contains sugar and that would be enough.



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