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Divorce: Footballer Hakimi’s Wife Fails To Get Half Of Wealth As The Player Registers All Assets With Mother’s Name

Paris Saint German Defender, Achraf Hakimi left his wife, Hiba Abouk, empty handed and without any alimony following a divorce application she filed over allegation of infidelity.

She approached the court to seek the dissolution of their marriage and demanded half of the Football star’s property in Divorce settlement. There and then she received the shock of her life.

It discovered that Hakimi had no asset, He had registered all his properties and assets under his mother’s name. So legally, he is not worth a dime on paper.

When 36years old Abouk took her 24years old husband to court, she expected to get an equal share of his €70 million upon separation but she was informed that documents his assets all belong to his mum. Ashraf Hakimi had put all his fortune in his mother’s name long time ago, Anytime he wants anything, his mum buys it for him.


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