Did you see This Viral Post On Twitter?


Before I tell you about it…

Let’s begin with what happened to you after reading the headline.

You were sucked in immediately…

You couldn’t resist the urge to satisfy the curiosity gap…

Your brain asked “what viral tweet?”

You probably felt like you are missing out on something important.

All that was because I triggered a powerful emotion called JEALOUSY

or FOMO (the fear of missing out)

It’s how top network marketers fill out seats to their events by sharing their lifestyle and showing you how it can be yours too when you join their teams

Or why social proof (reviews and testimonials) will remain an important part of effective marketing

Truth is people will always buy a better version of themselves or at least whatever makes up the idea of a better life

More money
Better shape
More influence
New house
Improved sex

The list is endless

Sometimes, you can fuel this desire when you share proof of others just like them taking action

Or show them what life will look like after using your products or services.

You don’t have social proof yet?

Show them someone they admire who’s using your solution or something similar

It can also come in handy to put a deadline for people to take action on your offer.

Makes sense?

Now… let me tell you about the viral tweet.

It was a ‘before and after’ image of a young man showing how much difference he achieved in his physique between January and December 2022

The accompanying tweet had a link to a Telegram channel where he’s going to be sharing his secrets

It had 4,500 subscribers in 48 hours!

That’s the power of jealousy!

See a screenshot of the tweet in the comments.

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