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Destiny Etiko – “Yoruba People, Learn How To Speak English In Public”

In a recent online video, popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko called Yoruba-speaking people to reconsider speaking their native language publicly.

The talented Igbo actress expressed concerns about the limited ability of many Yoruba speakers to communicate effectively in English in public, leading to significant communication barriers.

Etiko appealed to the Yoruba community, urging them to prioritize learning English or utilizing pidgin English as an alternative if they are not proficient in proper English.

She expressed her confusion regarding the inclination of Yoruba speakers to exclusively use their native language in various contexts, including online platforms and blogs.

“I just don’t know why whenever you are speaking to Yoruba people, they will always want to speak Yoruba. Ehhhhh, I don’t understand even on blogs. You all will be speaking Yoruba like everyone is Yoruba. You guys should try and speak English or broken,” Etiko remarked.

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