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Chidi Mokeme And Scar Role (Shanty Town)

What an amazing moment for Chidi Mokeme.
It seems like he can’t get enough of the rave following the release of Shanty Town, for his character ‘Scar’.

I haven’t seen the Netflix series yet, but if his Instagram Scar-teasers are anything to go by, the role was indeed made for him.

We’ve been so busy critiquing the series to appreciate Mokeme’s explosive comeback.

After his taskmaster duties in the 1st and 2nd seasons of Gulder Ultimate Search, he sort of disappeared from the spotlight.

Though he revealed recently that he was battling facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy), which ultimately kept him away from our screens for some years.

Making a return to the screens from such a low point, not just returning, but successfully reaching your acting career peak on your comeback – without losing a drop of your good looks to ill health – I think dude won.

He won!

Note that nothing he did during the old Nollywood days comes remotely close to the massive recognition and positive reviews of Scar – to the point of being the talk of the series.

He has done a lot of things no doubt. However, he has never gotten his flowers in this manner before.
‘Scar’ seems like a name that would be linked to him for a long time, as ‘Toyin Tomato’ is to veteran actress Sola Sobowale.

Yes, another actor I can think of in this decade that made a similar intriguing comeback to where they reclaimed their respect and showed that their best is yet to come, is Sola Sobowale.

It’s always beautiful to see older actors peak later in their career.

Congratulations Chidi Mokeme (Scar).

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