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Chicken Republic Sacks Dancing Security Men

Chicken Republic is trending right now for allegedly sacking two of their security staff who went viral on social media for dancing.

For a brand that serves netizens as a huge customer segment??? At a time when virtually all consumer brands are trying to gain leverage on new media???

I find this to be one of the most baffling brand decisions of recent memory!

Who is the brand manager? Who called the sack??

Your staff makes a video that strategically puts your brand at a vantage point for awareness and customer engagement.

It goes viral organically. You didn’t have to spend a dime where other brands would have spent millions.

But instead of riding the wave and driving more traffic to your eatery for people to see the dancing duo, you rather chose to sack because, let me guess, they weren’t professional???

What’s unprofessional about dancing at your work post in 2022, when different companies are now doing Instagram reels l’ofe l’ofo???

This is just really annoying! And it reflects the “god Complex” many Nigerian employers or senior officers like to display.

The only sane excuse I can come up with for this “radical” decision is that the owner of that particular eatery or the brand manager must be from one of these Conservative religious bodies.

The first staff any customer will come in contact with at a typical Chicken Republic eatery is the security guy. This was a potential opportunity to make all CR security guys a big part of the brand’s customer experience.

They have just lost that chance to gain brand love and rather gleefully set themselves up for bashing.

This may not affect their sales too much, but I hope one of their competition seizes the opportunity to employ those guys and use them for marketing purposes that will 10x their sales.

Na that one go sweet me pass.

What do you think?

©️ Glow Ville

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