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Cameroonians Are Angry That Kizz Daniel Got 45 Million Francs For A Show


MC Charlene made this post and many people got angry . Cameroonians are crying again after they heard Kizz Danniel was Paid 70000 Dollars to perform in CAMEROON . That is about 45 million francs . No Cameroonian artiste has been paid 30 million to perform here in a long while . So Cameroonians think Companies value foreign Acts more .

Now Listen

Kizz Daniel can be paid this money in any country in the world and they are rushing him . Infact his schedule is that tight .
He can still be paid this in Nigeria and even more .
Kizz Daniel is Global , he has more fans in Cameroon than Cameroonian artistes . Statistics shows that 40% of TikTok videos on “Buga “ by Kizz Daniel came from CAMEROON .

If Burna Boy is coming to CAMEROON now as we speak , he can even be paid 100k dollars . Surprising ? No .
Burna can get this and even more in any country he is invited to . It is not a Cameroonian think .
These artistes are products and they have acquired so much value over the years that they can be sold in any market globally at very Exciting prices .

Burna Boy can and will sell more tickets in CAMEROON than any Cameroonian artiste . Now how do you expect him to be paid same with people that he has created 90% more value than them .

Cameroonian artistes are still struggling to be National but Burna and Kizz Daniel are Global . Their value is so high that they can make any money anywhere and anytime . This is as a result of hardwork , networking , marketing, consistency and branding . Content wise their content is top notch .

We know you are about to ask us whether Cameroonian artistes are not hard working or consistent too .
Well, these things take time ,we do not doubt the fact that they might even get bigger in future but for now , we have to respect those that are on top .

Why is Jovi paid more than any artiste in CAMEROON ? That’s because of the value and influence he has created over the years . His own is at the national level While Burna Boy, Kizz Daniel , and Davido are Global . Is it possible for him to grow that big some day too ? Yes but for now so much work has to be done in the aspects of Branding , marketing and networking .

Wizkid , Davido , Kizz Daniel , Asake , Rema , Burna Boy and many others are GLOBAL ARTISTES . We only attach Nigeria to their names because they are from there . They are bigger than Nigeria . Their value is so high and they are highly demanded in every market ( Country ) .

Cameroonians need to stop complaining and add more Value to their brands , learn , network and grow .

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