Business Opportunities Abound

I love this biscuit.
Nelly loves it too.

We first ate it at a hotel when we traveled together.
Then we fell in love and started buying it.

In my estate, it is sold for 1600 Naira for a pack (The pack has about 7 or 8 of this smaller pack)

Behind the biscuit, the phone number of the Distributor is clearly written.

I called him.
The price from him is 1000 Naira per pack.

I see the biscuit is loved by adults who do not want sugar biscuits, so I see it in hotels, trainings and other formal places.

I am not paid to advertise the biscuit.
This is not an advert.
This is a business class.

I am showing you that opportunities exist all around us.

The Distributor said a carton is 20k if I buy 50 cartons and above or 20,500 if I buy less.

One carton contains 20 packs. So that’s how I got the 1000 Naira per pack.

Imagine if I supply hotels and corporates.

I would be doing a profitable one product business.

I cannot do every business that my mind thinks about.

But I love that my mind processes opportunities everywhere I go.

May your mind be open to seeing opportunities. Amen!

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