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Burna Boy KICKS Fan In The Face At A Concert In Zambia (VIDEO) – Celebrities

Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu popularly known by his stage name as Burna Boy has taken to his social media an apology for kicking a fan in Zambia. The singer claimed that the fan had attempted to rob him in Zambia during his visit to the country. According to him, Burna Boy explained that his actions towards the fan was to protect and safeguard himself from the unfortunate incident that would have befallen him that fateful day. The singer stirred up the wrath of many Zambians when it was later discovered that he had kicked the fan.

Recently, the Nigerian singer organized a concert in Zambia that was overwhelming and mind-blowing. A concert he organized during his tour to the Zambians featured a lot of events that got his fans electrified as many confessed the experience. The concert was enjoying the comfortable atmosphere and would have been a hitch-free exercise when his interaction with a fan foiled the success of the show. Shortly after the incident, an individual took a post to his Twitter page calling out the singer for brashly kicking the fan who was reaching out to him at the concert. The poster while expressing his anger over the incident called out the singer to apologize to the victim for such wrong act. The post was accompanied by a video that was recorded during the concert which showed Burna Boy stamping on a particular fan’s hand with his feet.

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