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    Brandy Appreciation Post

    How many of you like Brandy?
    I don’t mean the drink, the veteran singer.

    Brandy is easily my top female act.
    I could spend the whole day listening to her materials alone – its soulfulness and rich harmonies.

    Her music catalogue since the 90s to date, is insane.
    So when I see folks hyping a certain somebody as the best of this era, I take it that they don’t know the extremely talented Brandy Norwood.

    ‘Cause those who know, know that Brandy has no comparison.
    Plus being a very good actress and rapper sometimes.

    She’s the only artiste that has a sound that you can’t attempt to imitate, no sound engineer can recreate what she does with her vocals.
    The amount of work she puts into creating different vocal styles, arranging them so well, so her vocals are in layers.
    For every single song!
    The creativity of it all.

    Pop culture never really showed her the love I feel she deserves for being unique and a GENIUS.
    However, she remains one of the most gifted artistes on the planet.
    No cap.

    The only singer who weaves her own background vocals, making it an instrument of its own.
    The GOAT.

    *Back to listening to her stuff*

    Some unreleased Brandy tracks that you will love ‘Escape’, ‘Believer’ ft Timbaland, ‘Today’.

    Just to mention a few.
    She has hundreds of amazing unreleased tracks.

    You can share your favourite Brandy tracks.

    This is an appreciation post dedicated to her too.

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