Black Tax Is Real


In one of my visit to the villa, I distributed bread to all the women in my house and extended family as usual. Hot shopping mall oven baked bread o, not the road side bread self.

Before I would finish the usual moving around to greet neighbours around, one this my uncle wife who is in competition with herself ordered her children to return her own bread to my mum. May be I want to use her children destiny.

I came back, mum informed me, I said okay.

Since then she watches me return from afar. I was so happy because one burden was reduced, cos I was always thinking for everyone, most times I share cash however small, my simple way to share their difficulty feeding in hard times.

The last time they saw my Money, her son underwent surgery and was held up at the hospital and no way to pay the bills. They didn’t know how to come to me. But someone close who felt concerned reached across to me. I gave him the money and extra for my young brother to be feeding post recovery period. I would learn later that she went to the guy to insist she releases the total money to her, because I pleaded the guy to keep the upkeep money and be releasing it to the boy periodically to ensure discipline.

Each time I visit, I see that she realized she goofed, but it was a never again for me.

That thing that made her return bread I sent to her like other kitchens in the family, I am God with it too.

I even like it more when everybody dey their dey Biko.

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