Bill Cosby is living in New York City under the name John Washington, without ever having time in prison.

“It has been quite an interesting journey,” shared Washington, aged 77, during an interview with The Weekly Mirror. “Cosby was a well-regarded individual. Everyone adored him. However, with all the recent rape allegations surrounding Bill Cosby, my life has taken a tremendous downturn. It has become unbearable.”
Washington, a Bill Cosby impersonator, used to enjoy the attention that looking like Cosby brought him, especially when it came to meeting women. “That was the best part. Beautiful ladies would approach me, kissing and touching me. I had my fair share… you know,” he chuckled. “I even met my ex-wife because she mistook me for Bill Cosby.”

However, ever since the rape allegations emerged, Washington has faced severe repercussions. People now approach him, accusing him of being a rapist and a terrible person. He has been attacked three times, including an incident where a young Puerto Rican woman pepper-sprayed him and beat him unconscious with her purse. Washington has also received direct death threats.

To escape the relentless abuse, Washington began cross-dressing, hoping it would provide some refuge outside his apartment. “I put on earrings, a necklace, a little hat, a dress, and a touch of makeup. I looked good; I would have wanted to sleep with me,” he laughed. “But when I ventured out, people assumed I was Bill Cosby trying to disguise myself as a woman. They called me an ugly woman and, of course, labeled me a rapist.”

Due to the ongoing harassment, Washington has decided to stay indoors until people realize he is not Bill Cosby. “Once the public learns about my story and recognizes that there is a Cosby look-alike in New York City, I hope they will think twice before accosting me. However, just to be safe, I’m considering painting a large red dot on my forehead so that people can say, ‘Oh yes, the red dot. That’s not Cosby. That’s John Washington.’”

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