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    Between Burna Boy And Eedris

    The beef between Burna Boy and Eedris is one where you sit back and watch with a plate of groundnut.

    You don’t have to pick a side.
    Just be entertained by the sheer fact that they have met each other’s match.

    Isn’t it interesting that Eedris can criticise Burna for actions that he himself had demonstrated?

    Virtually all Eedris’s old interviews are notable for the way he positions himself as the arbiter of the Nigerian music industry, reshaping the narrative to suit his own interests and priorities.

    His dirty ego is evident in the way he speaks about artists and their work, with a sense of ownership and control that goes beyond a veteran’s objectivity.

    He’s been condescending towards people like 2face,
    Dbanj, Charly Boy, and many others and acts untouchable.

    He has succeeded in making his rift with 50 Cent seem like the evolution of the Nigerian music industry, whereas it was just his personal issues. An isolated incident!

    Before the plane brawl, he was the one who went on stage unprovoked and said “50 Cent na oga for America, me I be Oga for rap for Nigeria!”
    Just because Fiddy sprayed dollar notes on his Nigerian fans.

    He said, “Him dey try tell us say Nigerians na beggars. This na insult on my people.”

    He had been itching for a fight before the plane scuffle.
    The first class seat he was dragging with 50 Cent, he had refused it two days earlier according to reports.

    What about the time Eedris referred to himself as the best in Africa?
    Ruggedman dissed him in a track for that and he started the ‘honour your elders’ talk.

    Like father, like son, Burna Boy referred to himself as ‘odogwu’ and self-made.
    Eedris has called him out and he reacted, unhinged, threatening to attack him if they cross paths.
    (The same way Eedris threatened to beat up 50 Cent in the PH leg of that show before the American rapper was quickly flown out of the country for safety).

    Now he’s trying to whip up sympathy by saying Burna is making fun of his health crisis.

    When it’s very clear that they both share many similarities, including having lose screws in their heads.

    BTV reporting

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