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Benefits Of Using Tomato Juice As Facial Scrub

When it comes to home remedies everyone has in their home,  Tomatoes are one of the most common and popular.

I mean we use Tomato in virtually everything that we are cooking. Interestingly, we can also use them on our face:

Benefits Of Tomato Juice Scrub

1. Removes Blackhead

Blackheads usually form from acne and pimples and using tomato as scrub can get rid of them.

2. Prevent Acne

If your skin is acne prone, you can make Tomato scrub part of your daily routine. Tomato contains Vitamin A, C and K that help the skin maintain it’s normal pH level and also cause deep cleansing.

3. Prevent Wrinkles

Tomatoes aid the production of Collagen which provides protein that gives your skin more life and structure.

4. Prevent Oily skin

If you are prone to oily skin, then using tomatoes on your face is an excellent idea. This is because Tomatoes helps to maintain your Skin’s PH level and as well as hydrates it.

5. Protect Skin from sunburn

The hot sun can have an adverse effect on the skin, often darkening it and stripping it of its nutrients.

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