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Bella Was So Lonely Last Night And Missed Big Sheggz (BBNaija)

Bella is so lonely…

She is pacing about…

Bouncing tennis balls..

Shouting Big Sheggz, Big Sheggz upandan

This house creates an unhealthy dependency between couples…

And for the Shellas, it is even much more unhealthy…

It would seem as though Bella has no idea how to interact with others in the absence of Sheggz..

The effects and conditioning of the psychological tool of isolation..

Meanwhile, Sheggz is having a great time at Level 3. Drinking, watching movies, and chatting away with other housemates..

Doyin went to help Bella…

She pulled her out of bed and sat with her in the lounge, got her chatty and gisty..

Allysyn told Bella that Sheggz asked Doyin to look after her, but even before Sheggz asked, Doyin had told her Allysyn that she would spend the evening with Bella today, to ensure that she is not lonely.

And Doyin is doing a great job.

Allysyn said to Bella: You are loved by Doyin.

Bella replies: I am.

That’s the kind of person Doyin is and las las; it is her good heart that is ki.ll.ing her in this game, cos she doesn’t know when to reign her emotions in.

Meanwhile, Bella’s best friend Chomzy is up in Level 3, enjoying movies, and Phyna asked Chomzy to hand Sheggz a bar of chocolate to give to Bella when they return, and Chomzy said No.

Then Phyna asked that Chichi & Chomzy leave some cookies for Sheggz to take to Bella…

See life…🤷‍♀️

And that is Phyna, the so-called “enemy” of the Shellas

The harsh and terrible words this Bella has used against Doyin behind her back..

The damaging gossip and demarketing of Doyin, through out level 1…

Sometimes, I just wonder how Doyin will feel when she finally gets out and watches those horrible clips by the Shellas

While, the whole time, she was upfront and kind to them, wishing them the very best.

Such is life.

Big Bella breaks down… as her Man has been separated from her for the first time in history.

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