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Bella Survives Eviction Till BBNaija Finale As Sheggz Goes Home

I chose to like this girl.

She is flawed, yes.

But I like her.

All her flaws on TV are the flaws you have all lived privately.

Someone in my comment section said… “Bella was lucky tonight.”

No, honey. Bella is not lucky.

She survived all her nominations.

She made it to the finale BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE HER.

That is not luck.

You can say Daniella is lucky, but not Bella.

We. Like. Her.

And she made it through.

She will probably get into many fights this week.

She may not know how to hold fun conversations with the other girls, because she is rusty at it.

She will miss her emotionally abusiv3 situation terribly and take it out on others…

Yes, all of these may happen.

But baby girl is going to be fine.

Congratulations for making it to the finals, Bella.

I SEE you ❤️

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