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Bella And Hermes Are This Year’s BBNaija Housemates Most Likely To Make It In Showbiz

Most of the BBNaija 7 ex-housemates obviously lack ”it” factor.
Honestly, unless they decide to channel their 10 weeks of fame into other ventures off the screens, I don’t see a future for them in showbiz.
I took my time to assess them outside the house, to see if the range of personalities displayed during the show would transcend into personas that are quite compelling.

Sadly, despite their drip drip fashion and high-budget photoshoots, they still don’t have that thing that catapults one into superstardom.

So far, only Bella made that quick transition where you could watch her and say, “hmm… this is a promising star.”

Mind you, she didn’t have the ‘it’ factor in the house.
She wasn’t really saying much then and didn’t throw around any catchphrase that we remember her for.
But look who has become so fascinating just by her poise.
Look who commands the most attention in each media round interview.
Look who makes thousands of people study the nuances of her expressions and drool over her silence and the few words she manages to say.
Look who’s oozing glamour and PRESENCE.
Look who’s giving that Genevievish mystery.

And no, this new attention coming her way has little or nothing to do with her situationship with Sheggz. I actually think people don’t care as much as they did about their ‘ship’.
Bella simply rebranded.
She’s one of the rare examples of self-creating the it factor.

Hermes is another one with the X-factor.
The difference between him and Bella is that he has been naturally captivating right from the first day, for being eccentric and charismatic.

Phyna, well… I’m not too sure if she has it.
Okay, it may not go down well with her fans, I just don’t see the ‘it’ factor in her like that.
Her appeal mainly thrives on her street image and the use of ghetto catchphrases like ‘e choke’ ‘who dey breathe’, but even that too could lose much of its appeal after the public has had enough of it.
And then what?
It reminds me of Whitemoney’s odogwu and Efe’s ‘based on logistics’ vibes that carried them through for a minute but can’t keep an audience today.

Chomzy can keep trying to be a baddie. Someone who truly cares about her needs to tell her that she can’t pull it off.
The rest of the guys are average and the girls aren’t memorable at all.

So yea, just Bella and Hermes in my opinion.

Bella and Hermes

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