Big Brother Titans 2023

BBTitans:”So we have a middle man in our relationship?”-Kanaga confronts Tsatsii after she discussed their relationship with Ipeleng (Video)

After being questioned by Ebuka last night, Kanaga Jnr and his love interest, Tsatsii tried setting their issues amicably between themselves.

During their discussion, Kanaga told Tsatsii that he’s not friend zoning and he is aware of the discussion she had with Ipeleng.

Kanaga revealed that Ipeleng told him that she believes he likes Tsatsii and he’s not playing any games with her because recently when both of them had issues and they didn’t sleep together in the same bed, Tsatsii told her about the issues in their relationship.

This led to Kanaga Jnr questioning Tsatsii for discussing their relationship with Ipeleng.

“So you have a middle man in your Relationship?” – Kanaga said

Here’s the video below:

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