Big Brother Titans 2023

BBTitans: “Tsatsii seems to be a lesbian, not just a lesbian but also bisexual”-Nelisa

Nelisa, a Housemate in the Big Brother Titians Reality Tv show has said that her colleague, Tsatsii has a lesbian side attached to her.

Nelisa made this remark during a Diary session with Big Brother.

She said that Tsatsii may not really be a lesbian, but she might be a bisexual. She also stated that it’s an interesting thing as the housemates are getting to know each other very well.

“Tsatsii has a lesbian side to her, not a Lesbian but like a Bisexual side to her. It’s interesting and we are really getting to know each other”- She said

Personally, this Nelisa’s statement annoyed me. She ought not to have said something that bad about Tsatsii.

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