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BBTitans: “Stop disgracing Nigeria”-Yemi cautions Jenni O and the female Nigerian housemates

Yemi Cregx has called out Jenni O, Nana, Olivia and Yvonne who are constantly gossiping about other housemates.

Yemi was particular about Jenni O, he said that the south African housemates hardly speak ill of them but the Nigerians  are always gossiping and complaining about the other housemates.

He said it is not nice and it does not speak well of our country, Nigeria as a whole.

The observation by Yemi is not out of place as the major work the female Nigerian housemates do in the house is gossips.

It was clear to the point that one of them admitted that the only work they do in the house is to gossip and do Relationship.

Jenni O and her gang members always find something to talk about in everything that happens in the house.

Only two female Nigerian housemates are not in the gang of gossipers in the house and those two are Jaypee and Sandra.

For Sandra, it could be that she’s not in their group because she came later to the house.

But Jaypee has always mingled with South Africans which made Jenni O and her gang members gossip about her one time saying she is trying so hard to make sure that south African male housemate like her.

Yemi cautioned them saying such actions are bringing bad image and name to the country.

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