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BBTitans: Possible Reasons Biggie Introduced New Housemates To The Show

Just when the housemates of the ongoing Big Brother Titians thought that they have seen it all, Biggie decided to shock them by introducing four new housemates to them.

The show is just 4days old and the housemates have already started shipping themselves and some already feeling jealous of not having a ship yet.

Many have suggested that the reason why Biggie decided to bring in new housemates to the available 20 is to add more vibe to the house. The new housemates are two Nigerians and two South Africans.

The new housemates are, Sandra, Miracle OP, Theo Thraw and Blue Aiva. Also judging from the performance of the current housemates During the wager presentation, it was noticed that they needed more housemates who are musically inclined that is why Theo Thraw who is a musician was brought in. Blue Aiva is a professional Dj and also a dancer. So it looks like Biggie is really getting Bored with the current housemates so had to bring in the new ones.

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