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BBTitans: Meet The First Twenty Housemates

BBTitans has officially kicked off and as expected, the housemates are being unveiled:

1. Meet Khosi

The first housemate to be unveiled is Khosi. A South African lady, Zulu to be precise. She described herself as authentic and ready to live her truth. Khosi said the biggest misconception about her is that she is a slay queen but that she’s very educated. She’s single and ready to mingle. Khosi has two degrees and is working towards her master. The south African star said she’s looking forward to learning to cook Nigeria food.

2. Meet Yemi

Yemi is the second housemate and first Nigerian to be unveiled. The Ekiti State born say he’s a fashion Enthusiast big on competition and he’s looking forward to represent Nigeria 100%.

According to Yemi, he’s calm and chill. He noted that he play the game and people will see it coming because he’s chill and calm. He’s looking forward to spend time with south Africans while on the show.

3. Meet Siya A.K.A Juicy Jay

South African housemate, Siya Also Known as Juicy Jay is 24years, and he’s pretty much out there. He described looking at himself on the mirror and gushing over his good looks. He plan on just being himself while In the house. He is a semi professional rugby player and he has been playing since he was a kid. Siya plans to go on the show and adapt to whatever comes his way. He came on the Big Brother show to challenge himself and try out something new. He plans to learn about Nigeria culture, food and music because it is a good vibe.

4. Meet Olivia

The next housemate, Olivia, from Nigeria is 23years old. She’s an actress and an influencer. She said she makes friends easily and her biggest achievement is buying a land in VGC, Lagos.

Olivia does not have a strategy and plan on being herself and play the game. She admitted that she’s glad to be on the show. She revealed that if she wins the $100,000, she will first take care of her family and help the needy because she was once there.

Olivia from Nigeria, showed up in hot red..

She didnt tell us where in Nigeria she is from.

But if I’m to make a hot guess from her accent, it is probably Edo state.

But you see this red number.. I know not what to make of it.

Olivia says she is friendly, welcoming and she doesn’t discriminate this is what makes her a titan.

Wherever she goes she connects with friends easily, she says.

She is an actress and influencer, and her biggest achievement was buying a land in Lekki.

Me: Alright.

Interviewer: If you win the 100,000 USD, what is the first thing you think you will do with it.

Olivia: Take care of my family 1st, pursue my dreams and help the needy because I was once there.

Interviewer: Really?

Me 2nd: Really?

Olivia gave me a basic vibe guys… I want so much more for the quality of Nigerian housemates in this show this season.

5. Meet Nelisa

South African star, Nelisa is 25years old, she thinks women are intimidated by her because she exude confidence. She wants fans to expect Choas because it seems to follow her. According to her, she likes tall, dark and handsome men. Nelisa say she can handle trouble if it follow her. She does not have a game plan because she’s the main character. She’s single.

Nelisa issa dynamite!!!!❤❤❤ Girl is foooiiinnnnneeee…

She says her type is tall Dark and Handsome

She says, Women are intimidated by her because she exudes confidence..

Me: You don’t say.

She says Viewers should expect chaos.

Me: Na so.. Where have we heard that before?

Interviewer – I heard you say that If there is trouble, it is you. Why is that?

Nelisa – Trouble seems to follow me for some odd reason.. but it’s a game and I can handle it.

Interviewer: Do you have a game plan?

Nelisa: No I do not, because I’m the main character and everything will happen around me..

Me: Say what now!!! Say what!! what!!

6. Meet Blaqboi

26years old Blaqboi is a content creator and a filmmaker from Jos in Nigeria, He finds it hard to express his feelings to people he cares about. He is not a great cook, he loves adventure and is good at reading people. He thinks he has what it takes to win the Big Brother show. He’s bringing adventure, creativity, contents and competition to the show.

He says he isnt great at expressing himself.

Says he does not know how to show affection to those he likes.

Says he does not know how to do love oo.. E no sabi do love oo.

Hmmm, We shall See.

Says he went to boarding school, so he thinks he can blend in a house with different people.

He says he believes he has what it takes to win the show.


7. Meet Mmeli

The seventh housemate to be unveiled is 25years old Mmeli, a content creator, model and his personality traits is that he can relate with anyone in the hood and can also be posh. He’s looking forward to winning the money but it’s important for him to have fun and let everyone gravitate towards his energy. He will like to learn about Nigeria culture, the people and he wishes to visit the country someday.

8. Meet Nana

The next housemate, Nana, a 23years old from Kaduna, Nigeria says she’s a dropout because of financial problem but she’s into business, she sells bags and shoes. She says she needs the money because it will do her alot. She doesn’t not have a strategy because she easily forget. Nana is single and ready to she’s looking forward to discovering south African foods and learning their dance steps.

9. Meet Ipeleng

Ipeleng is a law student, an upcoming content creator, an introvert and her strategy is to lay low but her height Makes her look intimidating. She hasn’t thought of what to do with the prize money yet. Ipeleng come on the show to experience Nigeria, try out the Jollof and culture. She calls herself SA girl and she’s sticking with South Africans as far as relationship is concern because Nigeria is too far.

10. Meet Marvin

29years old Marvin from port harcourt, Nigeria is not just a guy with muscles, he is also the guy with the brain. He is a chemical engineer and his mum is a great fan of Big Brother so he has always wanted to be on the show. He is single and ready to take a girl back home to her mum. He is going into the house to be himself and will see how that plays out because he does not have a strategy.

11. Meet Thabang from Soweto

The 24years old Thabang from Soweto is not so passionate about his job but he is so passionate about entertainment and modelling. He has pet peeves and cleans alot. He does not know what to expect on the show and plans to use the lessons of life to get in as far as he can.

Thabang will like to go into presenting and probably acting and start his own YouTube channel. He is single and also on the show for the prize money.

12. Meet JayPee

JayPee is a 25years old lady from Lagos, Nigeria and is a nurse by profession. Her idea of a good time is banging outfit, loud music and lots of friends. She generally does not get along very well with females and has alot of male friends. She’s looking forward to get to know the south African men in the show.

JayPee looks forward to get a lot of fun while in the show especially the Saturday night. She say she’s gonna miss her phone, all the memes and skit from Nigeria because social media is a great place to be. She will also miss her mum and men but then men will be on the show.

13. Meet Yaya

The 13th housemate, Yaya is 31years old. She hopes that nobody on the show will use her peace of mind to get famous. She is into modelling and she’s no Micheal Phelps but like swimming and showing skin. She’s here for the money and also excited to to learn about Nigeria culture, dance and the boys.

14. Meet Ebubu

Ebubu, a 28years old from Anambra, Nigeria is a model, an actor and Enthusiast. He has experience most things in life but has not really found good friends or people he can connect with. So he hopes to find love in the show. Ebubu is on the show for Wahala because he loves to scatter place.

15. Meet Lukay

Lukay is a 31years old from South Africa. He works in sales. He’s an honest and straight forward person and most people call him an asshole. He is life of the party even though he cannot dance. He has no strategy but he knows who he is. Khela calls himself TITANS because he is on the show to collect what is rightfully his which is the money.

16. Meet Jenni O

25years old Jenni O is from Imo State in Nigeria. She likes teddy bear and is quite emotional. She’s a health and safety specialist. She likes taking risk and does not weigh it out.

According to Jenni O, her strong head will push her through. She admits that she will cope fine on the show despite her stubbornness. She claims to be a great cook.

Jenni O just showed up with the eloquence of speech, audacity, attitude and sasiness we have been waiting for.

Jenni O is a 25yr old Health & Safety Specialist from Imo state, Nigerian.

Jenny says, she is quite intimidating to people.. but she is really a huge teddy..

Jenny Describes herself as follows:

Tough, but quite emotional

Audacious Courageous and Stubborn ..

Risk taker.

“I’m going to do what I want to do when I want to do it I dont care whose standing in my way. I’m going to do it.

There is a negative connotation to the word stubborn, but I feel like my stubbornness is also my drive…

Because I’m so stubborn, I do the things that I want to do.

It may take me a while, but I’m going to do it and I will get to wherever I want to no matter how long it takes me but I’m going to tick it off my list regardless…”: Jenny Says

Interviewer: You are going to a house with individuals, people of different cultures and personalities and you said you are stubborn. I’m worried about that..

Jenni O: I’m worried for myself as well

Interviewer: How will you handle it?

Jenni O: I think I’m going to cope very well. I mean I’m stubborn, but they’ll be fine. I’m Jenni O. They’ll love it.

Me: Jenni O, E go shock you ooo.

I think she has an intriguing personality..

I loved her interview look and video.

But you see that outfit she wore into the house..

Please Please Please Jenni O, Dont do that please.

17. Meet Tsasii

Tsasi, a 24years old lady from Pretoria, says she is a Titan because she’s beautiful and posses a child vibe. Her plan is to become a Bio-Engineer. She claims to be a sympathetic person and gives the greatest advise. She likes cooking and eating on a good day and found sleeping on a bad day.

One word to describe “Tsatsi” if you ask me is heeeeccctticcc!!!🌶

I’m all for it!!!

Her name is pronounced Dadi…

She is 24yrs from Pretoria, South Africa..

She is studying bio medical sciences and Electrical Engineering.

She intends to combine the 2 degrees to become a Bio Engineer.

She refers to herself as beautiful, expressive and energetic, but carries a very mellow chilled vibe.

Very sympathetic.

Gives the greatest advice.

We did not ask her, but she told us that she likes guys that work out, muscular, tall and are very fit, etc.

On a bad day, Tstatsi is in bed lounging, don’t even talk to her.

But on a great day, Tsatsi is Dancing, Cooking, Eating.

She said before the show she was just a student but she is really ready to be a star now.

Interviewer: Are you going to formulate and put chemistries together.in the house.

Tsatsi: Let’s see, I’ll be doing all the thiiinnnzzzaa.

Me: Ahhhhhh, Tsatsi !!!!

One thing is for certain, baby girl is hot like 🔥 and she knows it.

18. Kanaga Junior

Kanaga Junior is from Abia State, Nigeria. He describes his styles as Happy and cool. He always be the child to look good while growing up. The young man is an aspiring Actor and he plans to cause trouble in the house.

Kanaga JNR..

This one cracked me up so bad.

He says his personality is a 9 over 10 and his looks 10 over 10.

I beg to differ, but that is talk for another day.

He is from Abia state, Ohafia to be precise.

He says he gives a young but old vibe.

I’m not understanding.

The thing way this boy do for stage no let me fit type, I don laugh tire.

He got to the stage and started jumping, dancing, jumping ,dey jump with e jumpopay white suit trouser and crocs.

This boy where crocs go stage.

Next thing I know, e take mic from host hand begin hala.

Mzansi Awaaayyy !!! Olaaaaa!!! Yebooo!!

Me: Guy, I don’t understand? Dont confuse us. Are you an S.A or Naija housemate?

Then e change pattern, face Naija. Shouting!!!
Naija is going oo!!!
Iz going ooo!!!!
O ti lo..!!!
O ti lo!!!!
Iz gone..!!!!
Dey play Dey play..!!!

Shhuoooo!!! I confuse ooo

Iz gone to where?
Naija is gone to where?

You just dey come, you say iz gone.

E be like this boy go like go house.

Cos what is all dis.

They say bring energy, you bring gra gra activity all the way from Nig to S.A.

19. Justin

21year old Justin is from East London, South Africa. He is a photographer and a content creator. He is a cool and laid back guy and at a party, he usually sits at the bar where he normally sit quietly to has a few drinks. He hopes to win the show to enable him pay off his parent’s debts. He is the last born of his family.

Justin from East London, S.A.

Be Giving Efe of BBN vibes…

He says he comes from an impoverished community in S.A.

He says he is on the show for the purpose of representation..

Justin is a content creator on tiktok, he makes funny videos.

If he wins, he will help his family and use the remaining 100k USD to buy shoes.

Okay oo.

Justin be giving “Green is the new black”.

20. Yvonne

The 20th housemate, Yvonne is a 27years old from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. She’s fierce, competitive and her family will say she’s stubborn. She’s a model and skin care Enthusiast. People finds her intimidating.

Yvonne promised to bring undiluted drama, vawulence and fun. Nothing at all can intimidate her as she goes into the house. She says she will love to be remembered by her vibe, winning all the challenges and task.

She says she is a model, skin care enthusiast and an interior decorator.

She describes herself as fierce and very stubborn. She always gets her way…

She says Men and women find her intimidating, perhaps it’s because of the way she looks.

She finds loud people irritating..

Me: Okay.

She says she has what it takes to win big brother.

Yvonne is a pretty girl for certain. But pretty privilege can only take you so far.

Personality- wise, we will see.

Something is amiss. She is giving the more you look the less you see.

When asked what she’ll be bringing to the show, she responded – Undiluted drama, violence, fun and meeeeeeee.

Me: You dey whine me ni.

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