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    APC Really Changed Nigeria Backwards

    In 2015 when these people were shouting “chanji chanji chanji”; there wasn’t anything really wrong with the economy.

    Nigeria was going well and strong, it was on the path to being rebuilt, what we were experiencing then was labor pangs and we said it. Yes there was a slight raise in the cost of petroleum products and in the exchange rate; but these were to be expected.

    Nigeria had not done badly matter of fact truth be told, but for the fact that Yar’Adua was largely incapacitated for a greater part of his tenure, Nigeria was on a positive tangent. From Obasanjo to Yar’Adua to Jonathan; a pace had been set and it was like a long distance endurance runner.

    You don’t sprint off from the starting point, no.

    You take off slowly and then find a steady pace that would ensure you don’t burn out midway – sometimes you may stumble, at other times you may stagger – but just stay the course and you’ll find the pace that will push your through to the end.

    Ask marathon runners.

    Those people who sprint off like they are running a 100m dash are the naive and they always crash and burn mid race, but those who go into marathons with a long distance and endurance mindset eventually catch up and over take them; and end with a better finish position.

    That was where Nigeria was at when the “chanji chanji chanji” people started their noise.

    I remember all that time saying, there is nothing wrong anywhere, these people are just using propaganda to create the impression that there is a problem somewhere in Nigeria in order to collect power.

    Matter of fact let me rephrase that: there was something wrong somewhere.

    Economic sabotage – do you all want us to start calling them out now? When they left their businesses and delved into frustrating the government of the day because power was heading to a certain direction?

    Political sabotage – this is why I think the PDP does not just need to change logo or slogan, the rot ran deep.

    Then do we want to talk about religious and social-political sabotage? This is why I have no sympathies for northerners who get kidnapped and the like by our very own home grown terrorists – because we warned and warned and warned.

    You all are supporting these people now because they appear to be against Jonathan. What happens when you have gotten Jonathan out and can no longer contain the beast?

    You rejoice at the bombing of churches, bombing of markets, killing of innocent school children, etc etc. These terrorists are only going to get bolder and bolder – call them out now.

    Fake change that year, but it succeeded largely because people were feeling the crunch of engineered insecurity and instability in the land, and THOUGHT they needed a change.

    You know what the difference is now?

    People are feeling the real crunch of the mismanagement of every single aspect of the Nigerian economy by the Buhari administration.

    There is no need to withhold fuel for a month in order to make it seem like there was a scarcity. No need for hyping s $20 rise on the dollar to naira exchange rate. No need to make it seem like market indices were forcing prices higher – sh*t is real right now.

    I read that a loaf of bread is now in the 4 digits region yesterday, and I shook my head.

    People are feeling the crunch right now, even those of us in the abroading are feeling it. I was going to do something last week and it took me a lot of time to decide what I wanted to do because I was conscious of the fact that N50 of last week, is today’s 50kobo. That is the sad reality.

    So, if you see crowds rise in excited jubilation whenever they see Peter Obi, please understand one thing…

    You don’t need to hire Daniel Axelrod to come and tell people that things are difficult in Nigeria now, people can feel it.

    You don’t need e-rodents crawling all over the place and chanting “change we want, change we need, change we must get”; people are drained and need a change.

    Nigerians are physically drained.

    Nigerians are mentally exhausted.

    Nigerians are psychologically fatigued.

    Nigerians are experiencing abject poverty while watching politicians fritter away their destinies and eat their sweat and blood. The average Nigerian child today can no longer afford the “laborer’s food of 7.Up and bread”; it is now a luxury.

    Going to school is a matter of weighing between braving kidnappers and terrorists, while still balancing cost and quality.

    Yet they see the so called leaders who have absolutely no job whatsoever, who do absolutely nothing whatsoever, live like oil sheiks while they fritter away Nigeria’s livelihoods on personal aggrandizement and amazing wealth that their children and their childrens children will never be able to finish up to the 4th generation.

    What a poverty mentality.

    Nigerians are ready for a change, the real change.

    And Peter Obi signifies that breath of fresh air everyone has been waiting for.

    This is why he receives massive support and ovation wherever he goes.

    You may think it is a waste of vote, let us wait and see what the will of the people can achieve.

    Just bear in mind that the last time the people rose this way in their collective will to achieve change; the government of the day was so threatened by it that they opened fire and massacred innocent and unarmed youth who were just tired of being dragged along unwillingly in this contraption called Nigeria.


    So bear all this in mind as you question why people go into hysterics whenever Obi is mentioned… the time is now.

    People are ready.

    By themselves.

    It is time for power to return to the people.


    That is the way to vote!

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