Airtel Family And Friends Code And Other 2018

How to register family and friends on Airtel? If you want to register your family and friends on Airtel, all you need to do is dial the Airtel family and friends registration code: “*141*2*NUMBER# “, for example, “*141*2*08080000000#” and the number.

Airtel Value Plan

This is a new plan, in a bid from Airtel to make all calls to be cheap at 11k/s. Well on the Value Plan you get to call networks at 11k/s from the very first minute with no hidden fees. Although not all sims are eligible for this, if you have been using your Airtel sim for long then you should give it a try and you will no doubt enjoy one of the Airtel Tariff Plans you can ever imagine.

Airtel SmartConnect

While on this plan, you get 200% bonus and 15MB on all recharges of N200 and above. Not only that, you will also get a bonus of N300 to call family and friends numbers. SmartConnect offers 7 hours of midnight calls to Airtel numbers from 11pm to 6am at 11k/sec.

Airtel SmartPremier

On this plan, you can make international calls (only countries listed above) at 11k/s after the first minute at 40k/s. You can also call networks in Nigeria at the same price, with the first minute also at 40k/s. Additionally, you get 15MB on any recharge of airtime. this makes the SmartPremier of Cheapest Airtel Tariff Plans you can migrate to.

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