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Africans Seem Not To Understand What Colonialism Means

Africans in general, and Nigerians in particular, really need to make up their minds about colonialism and the attendant injustices. It appears to me that the majority of the people neither know what colonialism is nor understand its wider ramifications and manifestations. Thousands of African migrants die yearly on sea crossings to Europe. Many more Nigerians brag daily about their JAPA plans and sucess stories on social media. How on earth can you hate colonialism/colonialists and at the same time, desire and celebrate your relocation to your colonialists’ enclaves? Are you okay? Are you normal?

You paid peanuts to get educated in your country. As soon as you as you graduate, you begin to berate, demonise and chronicle the dysfunctions in your own country that invested heavily to train you at almost no cost. Your utmost desire is to travel abroad and give back to a society that gave you nothing. You come on social media to shamelessly brag about ‘greener pastures’ and living a better life abroad.

The reason why you think you have a better life abroad is because your education cost you nothing. If you are owing about a hundred thousand dollars of student loan, you’ll spend a considerable part of your labour life recouping expenses and paying back debts. You’ll realise that what you’re currently earning abroad is peanuts or just average wages. That’s why you don’t see their own citizens wowed as much as you are. You are simply powered by greed, unpatriotism and ingratitude couched in the language of self care.

Former colonialists used deceit, guns and violence to achieve their imperialist agendas. Modern day colonialists will use visas, citizenships, jobs, measly benefits, awards, grants, contracts and a few crumbs to achieve the same imperialist objectives designed by their ancestors. In fact, modern day slaves will willingly surrender and celebrate their slavery. They will love and hug their chains. If you celebrate JAPA and still have the temerity to talk about the evils of colonialism, you are confused. Seek deliverance please and leave the Queen alone.

Happy Saturday 😊

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