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In sober contemplation, I agreed to take my thought for a walk down the route of death.
Through the lonely paths we walked, accompanied by nothing but dreadful leaves lying in pale oblongs through the narrow paths. Many realities we saw, many we heard, like breezes whistling terror to our ears. Many we felt… With keen interest and concern, I almost drew a double bar line that “definitely, our knowledge of this mundane world is finite and minuscule”

What is death?
Is it actually the end or a passage to another? A poignant question that raises my head to a frenzy.

If it is truly the end, why then are we faced with myriads of aberrations, like that of the dead roaming around in human flesh again?
Some sources present us with cases of the dead happily living in another part of the world with their families.

Dumbstruck, I am left to ponder.

Is it a case that the human body can at one point be invisible and at another, be visible? If so, what triggers such reality? The thought alone raises gnawing questions; what if there is a dimension of spirithood, ones that are physical and ones that are non-physical?
If it’s another passage to another reality, what do you really know about that reality?

What is true?

Most times I am stuck in the thought that we are in a world coexistent with other worlds within…. *a multiverse of realities*
If it isn’t so, How then can we explain the manifestations of demons or account for dreams? How then can we account for burial rites, such that when those rites are not done it becomes a problem to the family or community.
Do spirits have a place they live like we do here? Do they reside in a body as their domain or are they just eternal wanderers. If they reside in a body, are they invited to stay in it or do they intrude? If they’ve been wandering, for how long have they been and when will such cease? All these and many more kept up the incessant chimes within me.

As we voyaged down this path with my thought, a route to uncertainty appeared, we were utterly not cognizant, we just felt it… there, we realized that indeed, there are things that the saints knew that we are oblivious of. There are things these genuine men of God see that we’re blind to. The more we strive to see, the more beclouded our vision becomes. How then can we understand what we can’t see? How then did we end up critising them for not being able to understand the nature of what prompted them to say what they said?

We are trapped in between two or more worlds and most times, I feel like a great eye above is watching us. An eye within my senses, but beyond my grasp… The bitter truth still remains that we are in a world with another world in it..
Little wonder we’ve heard the stories of people lost in seas only for them to come back accounting for another world beneath the sea.

On this same path, we were confronted with what I’d rather not call a ghost nor a spirit, neither would I call it a human or mortal because even at that point, the question of who we are was unknown to us.. that particular creature with unknown reality asked me series of pulsating questions and in perplexity, we stared on: “How do demons do their work? What have they been doing all these centuries? What is their work?”

To all these questions, we couldn’t utter a word, our mouth opened wide in utter dismay. The creature further whispered to me; “What the saints have done, we can actually do in our generation and more.. it’s just that we are not ready to sacrifice our time for it. We are moved by what entices us, temporary pleasure. Once we start paying attention to the metaphysical world(s) we will be drawn to its comprehension as many have. To be connected to the metaphysical realities, the flesh must be defeated for the spiritual to take control.”

So much had been fed our mind at this point that it had even began to thump. So we opted to retrace our steps from these lonely paths of death which will eventually lead us to regain consciousness. Just before we retraced that path, we came to the final truth: Some death are not of God, they’re not even God’s will but rather the ignorance of some realities surrounding us.

Snap out of it, my thought is my thought and I am my thought which is capable of ascending.

Prof. King Immortal ✍️

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