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9 Celebrities Nigerians Don’t Want To Smash

9 celebrities Nigerians don’t want to smash

Note that this has nothing to do with them not looking good. It’s just that they’ve never featured in our wild thoughts.

Teni: She strikes me as the fun girl in the hood that all the boys want to hang out with.
They like her vibe and sense of humour.
But none of them wants to get down with her, in fact they’ve never conceived the idea.
Instead they see her as their gee for life. Now tell me that’s not how you picture Teni.

Laycon: People love him for his purported intelligence and laid back attitude. Aside from that, I don’t think most females want to get laid by Laycon, at least none that I know of.
He’s one of the few male celebs that rock dreadlocks and don’t ooze the slightest appeal (No offence to the Icons we’re being real here).
Now sapiosexuals might have a different take on him.

Destiny Etiko: For someone who can boast of the perfect hourglass figure and a pretty face, you would think she’d command some s£x appeal.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Her body is too dramatic to most people.
Like, it’s just too much to take in.
If you call it unnatural you might be right.

Moyo Lawal: She has a knack for wearing revealing outfits to showcase her ‘banging’ body.
Despite her thirst trap outfits and endowments, hell will freeze over before any Nigerian includes Moyo Lawal in a Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) list. Not because she isn’t popular enough, she just ain’t got it.

Whitemoney: Unless you like them microbladed, round and chunky then that’s cool.
But I’m not sure a lot of people desire a man who would be too worried about getting his packing gel hairstyle messed up during a s£x romp.

AY: He rocks great outfits. I won’t lie. But even at that he isn’t and has NEVER been a spec. Let’s tell ourselves the truth.

Cuppy: One word, boring.

Toke Makinwa: I’m sure if I do a smash or pass poll, 90% of people would pass on Toke.
She’s a beautiful woman but that’s all there is to it. And that’s because of the excessive cosmetic surgeries – allegedly.
If she had taken the saying ‘less is more’ seriously, she wouldn’t be on this list. Now the boys are saying they don’t want that booty!

Nedu: It’s how he tries to make Nigerians believe that him and his fictitious friends are God’s gift to women.
I swear, in reality, the only reason any woman would agree to knack Nedu is if he’s dropping cash with abeg on top.
Obviously his face ain’t working and his height is disappointing.
And when you consider the fact that he might sing about the s£xcapade in a podcast the next day, he’s just not smash-worthy.

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