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8 Vital Items To Get Your Woman When She Is On Her Period

The menstruation period is the most uncomfortable week for any woman and she gets to undergo it every month.

When she is on period, she experiences cramps, headache, mood swings and acne.

A period package is a gift box you give a woman when she’s on her menses.

Here are some things you get your woman when she is on her period;

1. Pain relievers

Please do not buy her felvin, get her paracetamol, diclofenac or Ibuprofen(if she doesn’t have ulcer) to ease the pain.

2. Sanitary pads

Do you know how expensive sanitary pads are?, It some times feel like essential but unnecessary item. Buying them for her will be such a relief.

3. Facial scrubs

To deal with those stubborn pimples and acne, get a nice facial scrub for her.

4. Ginger tea

If she has a heavy flow, ginger tea helps to reduce the flow.

5. Panty liners

You might be hearing this for the first time, but panty liners are little pads a woman hears so she doesn’t stain her pants.

6. Hot water bottle for pressing her stomach

When the throes of stomach pain kicks in, a hot water bottle works Magic to reduce the pain.

7. Fruits

What are her favorite fruits?, Add some apples, straw berries, pineapples or bananas or her favorite fruits.

8. Period panties

No woman can say no to new underwears, so get her some good cotton underwear.

Cap it all with a nice card telling her you’re thinking of her and you wanted to make her feel better.

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