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5 Tribes In Nigeria With The Most Beautiful Girls

Nigeria is endowed with the most beautiful girls in Africa. However, Some tribe have a higher concentration of them than others. Let’s see which;

1. Hausa/Fulani

Hausa girls commonly have pretty,long and black hairs with fine pointy noses. Due to these attributes, they are referred to as Indians of Nigeria by most people. Despite their delicate national beauty and clean skin, it might shock you to know that they don’t pay alot of attention to sophistication and pageant but they’re truly a sight to behold.

2. Igbo

The girls from this tribe are paragon of beauty. This tribe attributes alot of adoration to the female body and you can identify them with their fair skin and full stature. Apart from having most of the beautiful celebrities, This tribe has won the most beautiful Girl in Nigeria contest than any other tribe on Nigeria.

3. Benin

Benin tribe which is also Edo tribe is not left behind on this list of the most beautiful girls. They are not known for their beauty but the fact that their girls always have the right features when they’re in their traditionally attire. They are so captivating.

4. Yoruba

The girls in this tribe are the true definition of  dark and Ebony beauty, although a part of them are light skinned. Their curvy and firm physique combined with their naturally lustrous skin is not something to be ignored.

5. Idoma

The Idoma people can be found in the Benue area and are pack with beautiful girls. This tribe is one of the tribes that you will be happy to catch a girl in her native attire. They draw your attention first with their skin natural shine, followed by their unique facial features coupled with Their attractive gap teeth.

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