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5 Sex Positions That Improves Orgasms

Apart from procreation, the point of sex is pleasurable and nothing is more pleasurable than mind-blowing sex, toe-curling orgasms.

However the man and woman should not be like little mice running up and down the bed unsure of how to lead themselves to the Dreamland of orgasms.

Knowing the right position stands between you and your orgasm. Here are five tested and trusted position:

1. The CAT Position

This is not a literal cat like position but it is an acronym for a much fancier term- Coital Adjustment Technique.

With this technique, maximum satisfaction is achieved through enough Coital stimulation.

The penis does not penetrate but stimulates the clitoris. The friction will cause an orgasm.

2. The elevated missionary

The missionary position is a classic for a reason. Facing each other establishes trust and intimacy.

However, placing a pillow at your back elevates her pelvic and improves penetration.

3. The pinear position

This is a guaranteed position for women who has never orgasmed before. With this technique, the man pins her to the bed.

She lays on her back and he penetrate through the rear. Many women play with their clitoris whilst all that goes on.

4. Doggy style

This is orgasm guaranteed. It has to do with the woman arching her back while he penetrate.

This is a good visual or view for every man and it makes them more aroused. They also exert maximum energy and it is this exertion that causes them to ejaculate.

5. Woman ontop

This also provide good visuals and the man has the opportunity to explore the woman’s body with his hands while she rides him.

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