5 Mouth Watering Nigerian Delicacies You Can Eat At Roadside Bars

Nigeria roadside bars have the most mouth-watering, finger licking meals. No matter the city in Nigeria, a stroll around your street at Night would display men sitting in ramshackle, Makeshift shops having beers and a good laugh.
But it is not only beers these places have to offer. They are affordable meals sold at these shops.

1. Suya

Suya is prepared from skewered beef and is spiced to perfection. Typically, suya men hover around these roadside bars.

2. Nkwobi

Nkwobi is a Cow leg. It has a way more edible meat and put together from a similar sauce as Isi-ewu.

3. Pepper soup

Pepper soup is a perfect combination of pepper, assorted meat, herbs and flavor.

4. Isi-ewu

Isi-ewu means Goat head. If You had never had Isi-ewu in your life, you have not fully lived. The ingredients for Isi-ewu are Palm oil, some local spice and leaves.

5. Grilled fish

One thing about Nigerians is that they know how to grill and spice anything. Enjoy this grilled fish with hot sauce at roadside bar.

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