Unknown Gunman Attack At Bar In Thousand Oaks, California 12 people Have Been Killed

12 People Have Been Killed By Unknown Gunman At Thousand Oaks, California.

It happened on Wednesday By 23:20 about 40 miles (65km), North-west of Los Angeles.

According to the reports,

More than 200 people were inside the bar at the time the gunman attack.

Music was going on when the suspect attack, he dressed in black and enter the bar immediately he openedĀ  fire.

According to one injured man he said,

We dropped in to the ground we had a lot of screaming and my friend is the DJ so she cut-off the music. we had a lot of mayhem.

Another eyewitness named Teylor Whittle said,

I was in the dancing ground all of a sudden i heard a gunshots, i looked back, i heard unknown voice “everybody get down”

It was a huge panic for me, everybody got up i was still lying down until some guy came behind, they dragged me out.

While some people escaped the bar by using chair to break the widows and door, some hide in the toilet.

The most painful one is the death of Ventura Sheriffs Sergeants Ron Helus who later died in the hospital, he rushed to the active scene with a local high way patrolman when the gun man shot him several.

He died to save others lives.

According to the police,

They discovered a hand gun inside the bar and found the suspect dead, they said he take his life but have no idea why he do so.

Injured ones haveĀ  be carried immediately by their friends to local hospital.

The police also said,

At least 10 people sustained serious injuries, and 11 victim who are inside the bar is not yet clear who they are.

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