Sad News!!! Young Filling Station Manager Chigozie Stabbed To Death By His Employer In Anambra Over 40k


Chigozie Was Stabbed To Death By His Employer In Amambra State

According to the report,

It all started when the director of the filling station confronted the deceased to provide the sum of 40,000 he claimed to be missing from the company account.

He was the manager At NENCO filling station in Okpuno Nnewichi in new north.

The deceased pleaded with the director and his co-workers to bear with him and deducted the money from his salary.


The director become angry, he ask the deceased to provide the money now.

The director rushed inside and came out with a screw driver and stab him several times before he collapsed.

His co-workers and the director rushed him to the hospital at specialist hospital, along Oba road. Nnewi, doctor checked him and confirmed he is already dead.

The director fled from the hospital immediately.

The police is yet to know the full details of the incident.

See photos below,



The friend of the deceased mourn him on Facebook.

He wrote,

Even after the confirmation I’m yet to believe you are no more bro, how could this be true, the news of your demise left me speechless and fuming…… an unexpected end, even after we met in the fuel station to discuss the way forward, little did i know it was our last parting. my heart is broken, i swear Nwanne, from childhood, primary school, secondary school and now. who are to question God, he alone knows why……..


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